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Mine your commercial building data for valuable opportunities, supported by thousands of successful retrofits.  Build actionable business cases that drive decision-making,  right away.

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Peer Benchmarking

Compare your facilities to similar buildings using industry standard tools.  Link an Energy Star Portfolio Manager account or add your own data through our easy-to-use interface.


Streamline Bill Collection

Improve accounting by automatically connecting all your utility accounts to one platform.  Visualize performance data through custom dashboards or spreadsheet add-ons.


Get a Shopping List

Analyze all of your building data and identify tailor-made savings opportunities just for you.  Our automatically generated business cases let you know the ROI on your opportunities, right away.


Smart Building Data

Have a smart building?  Capture and store all of your important operational data with one of our low-cost data collectors.


Ongoing Monitoring

Create a baseline model and track your savings over time to ensure optimum performance is maintained.  Check-in at any time to see what new opportunities work for you.


Custom Dashboards

Need something a little different?   We can build custom visualizations that work for you and your organization.

In our 18 years as energy efficiency auditors and implementers, we became increasingly frustrated with ineffective audits and slow action.  With ambitious emissions reduction targets looming, we realized there needed to be a better way to identify opportunities for action.  

And so Audette was born.  We use state-of-the art techniques to analyze building data and find opportunities to reduce waste.  Once identified, these ideas are turned into real business cases by comparing them to real-world projects on buildings just like yours.

We understand that your business processes are unique, so we've built web-based reporting tools that allow you to visualize and share your data at all levels of your organization. Need something custom?  We can build you that dashboard or report that gets your message across loud and clear.  

We're looking forward to hearing how we can improve your energy management, operations, and accounting processes.  Just drop us a line.

We built Audette because we were fed up with how slow it was to conduct a traditional audit.  With so much valuable data and expertise at our disposal, it just made sense to build the killer app to bring energy management into the 21st century. 

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